Today 18/2/2022 a fire broke out onboard the Italian flagged ro-ro EUROFERRY OLYMPIA while sailing from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi. Its 237 reported passengers and 5q crew are said to have all safely abandoned the ship in life boats. The fire is reported to have started in one of the vehicles’ garages of the ferry.

We truly hope that all passengers and crew are safe and healthy, which is the most important at the moment.

In December 2014 there was a very similar maritime tragedy, when the ro-ro NORMAN ATLANTIC caught fire on the same line, with, unfortunately many fatalities and injured passengers. Our law firm, in collaboration with expert Italian lawyers, have successfully represented more than 150 passengers and victims of that incident, in Italian and Greek jurisdictions, in their actions for compensation for their material damages and personal injury and death claims.

Α few months after later the identical sistership ro-ro SORRENTO caught fire in the Mediterranean, which resulted to the vessel’s total loss, but fortunately the passengers were rescued.

These and other repeated massive and uncontrollable fires onboard ro-ro ships indicate clearly that this type or passengers-vehicles ferries is very vulnerable to fires in vehicles garages and that they have design and constructions characteristics which do not allow containment of the fires by the ships’ own means, as they should do according to the regulations.