Personal Injury to visitors traveling in the United States or Canada.

PAVLAKIS-MOSCHOS & ASSOCIATES provide expert legal services and free initial consultation to visitors who have been injured in the United States or Canada, whether on holiday, during business trips or while visiting for family, medical or other reasons.

Accidents unfortunately occur in many circumstances:

  • During travel by road, rail, sea or air
  • While staying at a hotel or in private accommodation
  • While visiting public parks, buildings or other areas
  • Due to a defective product or below standard public or private service
  • In the course of medical or other health care treatment

If you are victim of an accident that occurred during your visit to the United States, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries, damage and loss you have as a consequence of your accident.

With our expert knowledge and with the collaboration of a network of specialized personal injury lawyers in Florida, New York, California and all across the USA and Canada, we are in position to answer your questions and handle the issues resulting from your accident.

In answering your initial questions on a no cost basis, we will enable you tο understand your rights and the remedies available to you as a result of your accident in the USA or Canada. Typical questions include:

  • Do you have a claim for compensation?
  • What types of losses are compensated?
  • Who is responsible to compensate you for your damage?
  • Can you file a claim in court?
  • What is the jurisdiction and procedure for your case?
  • Are there alternatives to legal proceedings?
  • Will your case settle before court?
  • What costs and fees are involved and how are they paid?