Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates is dedicated to the protection and assertion of the rights of workers and employees for:

  • payment of their legal wages, allotments, allowances, overtime, leave payments and bonuses,
  • for safe and proper working conditions,
  • for full retirement rights,

and have handled hundreds of claims of this kind.

Greek Employment Law, notwithstanding the major changes that have been introduced in light of the recent economic crisis, has always provided a wide spectrum of laws and legal instruments, still offering an essential platform for the protection of the rights of employees. Greek and foreign employees and workers in Greece have, inter alia, the following rights:

  • to sign a written contract of employment and / or to be served with a written statement of their principal terms and conditions of employment,
  • minimum wage prescribed by an applicable Collective Agreements or, in case no Collective Agreement covers the specific employee, minimum wage prescribed directly by law,
  • overtime payment if they work over the time-limit prescribed by law,
  • night allowance and traveling – sustenance allowance if they work during the night or away from their basis of work, respectively,
  • Sunday and Public Holiday allowance (extra-payment), if they work on Sundays and/or during Public Holidays;
  • annual paid leave and leave allowance from the very first year of their employment,
  • Christmas and Easter benefit (private employees only): as a general rule Christmas benefit equals to a month’s salary, while Easter’s benefit to ½ of a month’s salary,
  • maternity leave,
  • dismissal compensation if they are unreasonably dismissed before the end of their fixed-term contract or at any time, after completion of a year’s employment, if they are working under a non fixed-term contract of employment.

Our firm is experienced in the protection of foreign employees’ rights and we are in close collaboration with several foreign embassies in Greece, who refer their citizens to us for consultation and eventual prosecution of claims when their rights are violated.

It should be noted that foreign employees and workers in Greece have the same rights as Greek employees and workers and must be paid at least the minimum provided by the applicable Greek Collective Agreements or the Minimum Legal Salary.