Greece is a major holiday destination with its beautiful islands, beaches and countryside, its excellent weather, its history, important archaeological sites and hospitality, visited by  millions of foreign tourists every year, either by way of organized package holidays or individually.

Unavoidably accidents may happen at hotels, during transportation by road, sea or train, in public sites etc, sometimes resulting in personal injury and temporary or permanent damages.

Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates have vast experience in the provision of legal consultancy and services to victims of such accidents to defend their rights in the Greek judicial system, if appropriate.

On the other hand, being members to personal injury lawyers’ professional associations such as APIL, PEOPIL, AAJ, over the years we have been collaborating with a large number of lawyers worldwide, successfully assisting them when tourists’ claims are pursued and litigated in their home countries, between others, by:

  • providing legal opinions on Greek law and local standards
  • obtaining Greek investigating authorities’ reports and files
  • getting hold of medical documentation
  • representing the victims in criminal proceedings related to their accident
  • arranging for technical expert investigations and reports

We are members of Legal Abroad, a legal platform which we operate jointly with our colleagues from Italy Bona e Oliva, from Spain and from France BCV Lex, aiming to provide expert legal services to foreign tourists and travelers who suffered accidents while in our countries, as well as to their local attorneys, when the claims of the victims are pursued in their home countries.