At the end of November 2019 the Public Prosecutor’s Office of District Court Judges of Piraeus brought criminal charges against members of the Board of Directors of ANEK S.A. and certain members of the crew onboard NORMAN ATLANTIC for the maritime tragedy of 28/12/2014. The charges are, inter alia, for the crimes of manslaughter and for negligent arson resulting to danger for things and people.

There had been a previous provision of the Piraeus Public Prosecutor’s Office deciding not to prosecute the members of the Boards of Directors of the companies (other than ANEK S.A.) comprising the consortium that issued the boat tickets for the fatal voyage, and to abstain from prosecution against members of the Italian crew due to the pending criminal proceedings in Italy.

The case is scheduled for hearing for 09/04/2020. Crew members of NORMAN ATLANTIC, the majority of passengers that survived the accident and relatives of deceased passengers, are expected to be summoned to testify as witnesses during the criminal trial. If the hearing commences on the above hearing date, it is expected to last long and continue at other dates that will be set by the Court.