Unloading of the Vehicles from the Norman Atlantic Continues

Unloading from decks/garages 3 and 4 of F/B NORMAN ATLANTIC continues at full speed. All vehicles on these garages are completely burnt, including the luggage inside them. The cars are being taken out of the ship by cranes, are transported to a storage area, from where they will be gradually taken for destruction/recycling.

Garages 1 and 2, where the vehicles are said not to be destroyed by the fire, will follow. However, the fact that these vehicles have remained under extremely adverse conditions for more than a year (high temperatures, humidity and water, chemical substances etc.), has undoubtedly drastically affected them; they should be treated as constructive total losses and have to be fully compensated.

Our technical experts were on board NORMAN ATLANTIC during the previous week, inspecting the areas that were gradually liberated from the cargo. The technical investigation is continuing. There have been no further findings or indications so far concerning the passengers who are still missing.

Completely Destroyed Client's Vehicle on Deck 5 of Norman Atlantic

Completely Destroyed Client’s Vehicle on Deck 5 of Norman Atlantic