In July 2016, the European Commission condemned manufacturing truck companies that occupy 90% of the European market, for participation in a cartel and harmonized practices aiming, among others, at price-fixing of trucks. The companies involved are MAN, DAIMLER, IVECO, DAF, VOLVO/RENAULT, which admitted their guilt and cooperated with the Competition Commission, in order to obtain a 10% decrease of the fine, which was eventually set at 2,9 billion euro. SCANIA denied participation at the cartel. The Commission continued the investigation and concluded, in its decision dated September 27, 2017, in the condemnation of SCANIA, imposing a fine of 880 million euros.

According to the decision, the cartel operated from January 17, 1997 until January 18, 2011, that is, for 14 years.

It concerned trucks of 6-16 tons of weight (medium trucks) and “heavy-duty” trucks over 16 tons.

Those who bought or leased such trucks during the period from 1997 to 2011 have most probably been damaged due to the cartel, since they paid a higher price than what they would have paid if competition conditions applied in the market; it is probable that those people and companies are entitled to compensation from the manufacturing companies, provided that the existence and the extent of such damage is fully proven.

Our office, in cooperation with lawyers in other European countries who already handle claims of truck owners, is actively involved in this case, planning a pan-European claim for damages.