Rolf C. Imstøl

Rolf graduated from NTH (today NTNU; Norway’s Technical and Scientific University) as Cand. Naut. in 1986. He has later been lecturing Nautical and Marine Technological subjects in Mozambique and Norway. Rolf is employed at Bergen University College.

Rolf’s disposition in favor of victims to maritime accidents and incidents. In 2004 Rolf published an alarming report regarding the capsizing of MV Rocknes in his hometown Bergen. In 2007 he did similarly regarding the MV Estonia disaster.

Due to his Rocknes report Mr. Imstøl was later requested to assist lawyers in various cases and he is at the moment engaged in the MV Al Salam Boccaccio 98 and the MV Norman Atlantic fires as well as in a personal injury case aboard MV Green Glacier. His is focused on providing expert technical services to claimants in personal injury / loss of life / loss of property cases resulting from all types of maritime accidents. Rolf’s cross-border knowledge between Nautical and Marine Technology has proven itself handy to analyze maritime accidents.


Norwegian, English and some Portuguese.