NORMAN ATLANTIC: Updates on Civil Lawsuit & Criminal Proceedings

On February 20, 2019 will take place at the Court of Bari the next hearing of the civil lawsuit for the award of compensation to the survivor passengers and to the families of deceased or missing passengers of the vessel NORMAN ATLANTIC who are represented by our office. Given that the procedural issues that had been raised by various parties have now been resolved by the Court, it is expected that during the aforementioned hearing the Court will examine the substance of the case and the serious responsibilities and liabilities of the defendants.

Furthermore, with regards to the penal aspect of the case which is determined as far as the procedure is concerned by the Public Prosecutor and the Criminal Court of Bari, it has been announced that the criminal trial against the shipowners and the officers of the vessel NORMAN ATLANTIC will take place during this year. However, nohearingdateshavebeenfixedyet.