NORMAN ATLANTIC: Update Regarding the Judicial Proceedings in Italy

1. The Civil Procedures, regarding the compensation claims that have been filed on behalf of the survivors and families of deceased passengers who are being represented by our law firm: On 4 April 2018 the parties to the dispute appeared for the second time – the first being on 27 September 2017 – before the Tribunal of Bari, Italy, where the civil claims for compensation are pending. The Court is still at the stage where procedural, necessary issues are being examined. The next hearing has been fixed for 11 July 2018, during which it is possible that the Judge will enter into the substance of the case, including the factual circumstances, the causes for the tragedy, the responsible parties and the liabilities involved.

2. The Criminal Procedure: Extensive evidence material, information, data, indications etc. have been gathered and examined. The pre-judicial investigation by the technical experts appointed by the Judge in Bari (GIP) has been completed. Technical reports have been issued by the GIP, the competent Italian Port Authorities, the experts appointed by the Public Prosecutor in Bari, the special committee instructed by the competent Italian ministry. It is now expected that the Prosecutor in Bari will soon pronounce and file charges against specific accused persons for the tragic maritime incident. The date of commencement of the criminal trial in Bari Courts has not yet been fixed.