Norman Atlantic – The Criminal Trial started on May 6, 2019

Norman Atlantic - 060519

The criminal trial concerning the tragic fire onboard the ro-ro NORMAN ATLANTIC in December 2014 started on 6 May 2019 at the Tribunale di Bari in Bitonto, Italy. Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates participates in this criminal trial on behalf of the victims represented by the firm.

In the course of the hearing, the Italian lawyers representing our clients, Avvocato Stefano Bertone and Avvocato Marco Bona, filed an oral and written application to the Judge to order the continuation of the detention of Norman Atlantic at the port of Bari (Istanza Sequestro  Probatorio M/N NORMAN ATLANTIC); the aim is to keep the ship in Bari port for eventual re-visiting and examination by technical experts, should it become necessary during the trials. The Bari Prosecutor supported our request, as did other lawyers of victims. A decision by the Judge is expected on this issue.

Norman Atlantic - Bitonto Court - 060519

The continuation of the procedure was set for May 21, 2019, when motions, objections and declarations by the defendants are expected to be raised.

Upon completion of these preliminary proceedings of the criminal trial, a Three-Member Criminal Court will enter into the substance of the criminal charges on a date to will be determined by the Court.

The civil proceedings, i.e. the trial concerning the compensation claim, filed by the 102 victims of the maritime incident who are represented by Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates Law Firm versus the NORMAN ATLANTIC  owners, managers, charterers, classification society and shipyard, is going through various stages and phases and is steadily proceeding at the Tribunale di Bari.

 The two trials, both criminal and civil, are proceeding in parallel, and our firm participates in both on behalf of our clients.