NORMAN ATLANTIC – Developments in the Judicial Proceedings in Italy


During the proceedings at the Criminal Court of Bari in Italy in October 29-31, 2019, all the procedural and pre-trial issues and objections raised by the parties have been resolved and finalized by the Court. The Judge fixed the commencement of the substantial criminal hearing (trial) for February 26, 2020.


2. CIVIL TRIAL for the compensation of the victis,s

According to the time-schedule that has been fixed by the Court of Bari for the claims of the victims that are being represented from our office, written pleadings and evidence were filed on 30.9.2019 (Prima Memoria autorizzata ex art. 183, VI comma c.p.c), and on 30.10.2019 (Seconda Memoria autorizzata ex art. 183, VI comma c.p.c). On 19.11.2019 will be filed the final pleadings of the parties to proceedings, containing further arguments and rebuttal of the pleadings of the opposing parties, and the respective COURT FILE will “close”. The actual hearing of the case has been fixed for February 12, 2020 at the Tribunale di Bari, Sezione III civile.