MLC 2006 – Amendments of 2014 – Direct Action against the P&I Clubs/insurers for the “contractual compensation” claims arising from seafarers’ accidents or illness

The ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) is widely known as the “Seafarers’ Bill of Rights” and as the “fourth pillar of international maritime law”, the other three being the SOLAS, STCW and MARPOL Conventions. It has been adopted by the ILO Maritime Session in Geneva on 23 February 2006 and entered into force […]

NORMAN ATLANTIC – Criminal Proceedings: The Court of Bari Notifies the Victims of the Maritime Tragedy on the Examination of the Court Appointed Technical Experts

The Judge of preliminary investigation hearings of the Court of Bari, Ms. Alessandra Piliego, with her summons dated 02.03.2017, notifies the victims of the naval tragedy of NORMAN ATLANTIC, that the examination of the Court appointed technical experts with regards to their technical report that was filed on 01.02.2017 , will begin on March 20, 2017 in […]

NORMAN ATLANTIC: Filing of Lawsuit

The claims of the Surviving passengers and of the Relatives of the Deceased passengers from the tragedy of the NORMAN ATLANTIC who are represented by our law firm, have been filed before the Tribunale di Bari, in Italy, to preserve the two years’ limitation period imposed by the Regulation (EC) 392/2009, despite the fact that […]