Faithon G. Karaiosifidis

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1959, after graduating from high school pursued a career in aviation, worked in various fields including flight management, aircraft dispatching and as flight crew and specialized equipment operator, in Greece and later in the United States of America; he acquired a pilot’s license.

He entered the University of Texas, Austin in 1980 for undergraduate studies and acquired a B/Sc in Aerospace in 1985 from the San Diego State University; in 1986 he acquired a M.Sc. with specialization in Composite Material from the University of California San Diego.

He worked for General Dynamics, Convair Division in San Diego, while writing at the same time professionally for trade magazines on aviation and related technology subjects, and continuing his studies on International Relations at the United States International University, San Diego.

Returning to Greece, he worked for a short period in the aerospace sector, but soon was employed as aviation and defense journalist, a career that he is pursuing without interruption thereafter. He is presently the publisher and editorial director of the specialized aerospace magazine PTISI & DIASTIMA and also writes regularly on aviation, defense and technology matters in daily press and specialized magazines.

Since the late ‘90s he is involved in the air accident investigation sector, attending regularly seminars and workshops and offering his services as technical investigator and consultant and specialist.