According to the Greek Law 4172/2013 (Code of Income Taxation), as it is interpreted and steadily applied by the competent fiscal, judicial and other authorities, the compensation paid to the victim of an accident and/or beneficiary, either by a court decision or in out-of-court settlement, that refers to:

  • monetary recovery for moral/non-pecuniary damages (psichiki odyni or ithiki vlavi) sustained by the victim/beneficiary of an accident


  • compensation for damages related to the restoration of the victim’s/beneficiary’s health

is not subject to income tax neither to the extraordinary solidarity contribution, because they are not “income” as this is restrictively determined and defined in the above law provision.

On the contrary, compensation for loss of income due to inability to work caused by the accident will be considered as taxable income from work and will be subject to income tax and to solidarity contribution.