At the end of last week it has been possible at last for the investigators to enter the NORMAN ATLANTIC, and specifically to enter the areas inside the garage and else, where vehicles and other materials were burning for weeks, making any approach impossible. Greek experts, appointed by the competent Greek Authorities, which are also conducting preliminary investigations, are taking part in the investigations of the Italian Authorities, which will comprise physical examinations, photos and videos, measurements, examinations and testing of materials etc).

The victims of the maritime tragedy of NORMAN ATLANTIC should necessarily make sure that they closely follow up, participate and are represented by their own appointed technical expert or experts (such as naval architect and others) in all investigations conducted by the Authorities, from the initial stage until the end. This is held absolutely necessary for the best protection and prosecution of the victims’ rights. Only in case and to the extent that it will be proven, technically and scientifically, that the persons and entities responsible for the ship have indeed violated the law and the safety rules, about which there exist at present indications, suspicions and thoughts, it will be possible for the victims to successfully claim for compensations higher than the limits set by the Regulation 392/2009 and the law in general.