On 28/07/2015 technical experts, including the vehicle technical experts that have been appointed by our office on behalf of our clients, entered decks 1 and 2 (vehicle decks) of NORMAN ATLANTIC. Notwithstanding recent reports in social media, which have been reproduced by some news websites, to the effect that the vehicles onboard the vessel have been vandalized and that part of their contents have been stolen, such information have not been corroborated. The technical experts confirmed that in decks 1 and 2 there are only two vehicles (the only accessible ones, near the stairs) with broken windshields, in which some suitcases and bags have evidently been opened. Our technical experts checked the plate numbers of the two vehicles, and have confirmed that none of them belongs to any of our clients.  

Due to transposition of the remaining vehicles (possibly due to the heat and the bad weather), even potential vandals or thieves cannot have access to them. Security measures have already been tightened.

The removal of the vehicles from decks no. 1 & 2 is anticipated to take place in September 2015. The technical experts appointed on behalf of our clients will be present throughout the process to closely examine them and make sure that their contents will remain safe.