The next meeting of the investigators, in the context of their investigation for the causes and circumstances of the fire onboard NORMAN ATLANTIC, is on the 2nd July 2015. They will meet in Genoa, Italy, in order to examine the alarm panel of the ship i.e. the panel where the fire alarms during the incident have (or should have been) recorded. The examination will take place at the specialist laboratory Ship System Srl. The main aim is to extract the data from the data recorder and create digital copies. Experts appointed by our office will attend. During this meeting it is expected that the experts will also determine the schedule for the next actions of the investigation, both onboard the ship as well as for the examination of equipment and crucial machinery of the vessel. It is also expected that at the same above meeting it will be determined when and how the vehicles in the lower garages of the ship, which have not sustained total destruction by the fire, will be removed and their condition will be examined.