The Court and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bari served us on 24/4 2015, on behalf of the passengers and families of missing passengers of NORMAN ATLANTIC represented by our office, a notice on the preliminary meeting to be held on May 22, 2015 in Bari. During this meeting, official appointment of the technical experts to perform inspection and investigation of the causes and circumstances of the maritime accident will take place, who will take oath. Lawyers from our office will attend the meeting.

Following an unusually long for such serious maritime accidents waiting period, boarding on the damaged vessel and entry into its interiors will take place, for the purpose of: (a) thorough search for remains of still missing passengers, (b) performance of due technical inspection, surveys and investigations on the causes and circumstances of this unprecedented accident, and (c) determine and verify the condition of the vehicles on board the vessel and the extent of the damages.

We are worried and sometimes appalled by the exchange, through social media and electronic or other press releases, of texts related to the NORMAL ATLANTIC case which are produced or reproduced as being announcements, updates, comments, observations, and often “legal advice”, relating the facts, causes, judicial and other procedures. Most of them lack credibility and gravity, and very often do not correspond to reality, but in fact spread inaccuracies and unsubstantiated rumors of persons who are unaware of the facts of the accident, the investigation proceedings and the legal procedures and developments. We urge the victims of this maritime tragedy to disregard such reports and publications, and turn only to their lawyers for responsible information and updating. The investigation of the marine accident on the one hand and the due prosecution of the victims’ rights will not be done by or through the media, but by qualified and experienced technical experts and lawyers, within the context of officially prescribed procedures.