On July 2, 2015 the technical experts met in Genova, Italy, at the premises of the specialized electronics’ company Ship System, in the context of the official technical investigation on the causes and circumstances of the fire onboard the NORMAN ATLANTIC, in compliance with the Bari judicial authorities. Our own appointed technical experts participated in the meeting.

The object of the meeting was to download the data recorded on the control panel central unit of the ship, which will then be analyzed and studied, in order to extract information on the time and place of the fire outbreak and the behavior of the ship’s extinguishing and emergency equipment and machinery.

Based on the initial indications, our experts express their reservations as to the extent of the information that will be retrieved from the recorded data: the reason is that the ship’s central unit appears to be of a quite limited memory, which means that there may not be found any data for the period before and at the time of the fire outbreak.

The technical investigation is continuing but it is not yet know when the experts will board the vessel again, neither when the removal of the vehicles from the upper and the lower garages will take place. In any case, we are following this closely and we have appointed an expert to inspect and evaluate the vehicles that are in the lower garages 1 and 2, where vehicles, according to the available information up to date, may have not been not completely burnt.