Thirteen years after his retirement in 1996, a 65 year old carpenter was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. He had been working for 35 consecutive years as a carpenter in one of the major Greek shipyards, Skaramanga, being involved in numerous ship-building and ship-reconstruction and repair projects. Less than a year from the date of the diagnosis the carpenter died due to pulmonary insufficiency caused by the mesothelioma.

Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates filed a lawsuit on behalf of his family against the Skaramanga shipyard, claiming for moral damages for the death of their relative on the basis that the pleural mesothelioma was caused by the asbestos exposure in the course of his employment, the poor working conditions and the lack of any protective measures. The Athens Court of First Instance (decision no. 2400/2014) held that the shipyard was exclusively liable for the disease and death of the carpenter and awarded significant moral damages to the wife, to each one of the two daughters, to the son in law and to the grandson of the deceased.