A Greek seaman of the Merchant Marine, diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, received recently a considerable compensation in of his claims, which had been brought before the United States of America courts against the shipowners and manufacturers of equipment onboard the ships that contained asbestos.

The seaman had for many years served on board merchant marine ships and passenger/cruise ships, all over the world. His capacity as electrician obliged him to work for the maintenance and repair of equipment, in the engine rooms and the rest areas within the ships, which contained asbestos’ the seaman inhaled the asbestos fibers for years without being supplied with the necessary protection means and equipment.

The Greek seaman presented mesothelioma many years after his last embarkation. Our office represented the seaman and brought claims against the responsible persons and entities, including his former employees and manufacturers of the asbestos containing equipment onboard the ships. More than 25 defendants have been sued, many of whom were established or situated in the US.

After more than two years’ litigation on the motion filed by the defendants to dismiss the claim for forum non conveniens, the competent US court dismissed the motion and ruled for the plaintiff, after which an amicable settlement has been achieved, by force of which the seaman was paid a considerable compensation.